About the ADORE Project

ACCESSIBLE = performable by smaller university orchestra programs.
DIVERSE = promoting programming that reflects our diverse society.
ORCHESTRAL = string orchestra, chamber orchestra or full orchestra.
REPERTOIRE = devoted to broadening the orchestral repertoire.
EQUITY = highlighting under-represented composers.

The Accessible Diverse Orchestral Repertoire Equity (ADORE) Project is created by three collegiate orchestra conductors committed to broadening and bringing greater diversity to the repertoire of smaller orchestra programs. Beyond the rich traditions of what one would call the “standard” orchestral composers and repertoire, there is a treasure of lesser-known and seldom performed works, particularly those composed by women, composers of color and composers of diverse ethnicity. It is these distinguished composers and their works we hope to highlight and bring to a wider audience.

Each post includes brief biographical information, a program note, an instrumentation list, a perusal score or score sample, a link to the publisher or other information for acquiring performance materials and a recording of the work.

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Our Team

Patrick Reynolds (University of Dayton)
David Tedford (Bloomsburg University)
Chaowen Ting (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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