About the Piece

Symphony in C Minor (1863)

     I. Grave; Allegro ma non troppo

    II. Allegretto amorevole

   III. Allegro ma non troppo

   IV. Allegro maestoso

Instrumentation: 2222 2230 timpani, Strings

Symphony in A Minor (1876)

     I. Allegro

    II. Andante

   III. Allegretto

   IV. Allegro

Instrumentation: 2222 2230 timpani, Strings

About the Composer

Alice Mary Smith (1839-1884)

A Victorian composer and performer, Alice Mary Smith made a significant contribution to the Austro-German Classical tradition in music, not to mention writing the first symphony to be completed by a British woman. She showed a talent for music from a young age and took lessons privately from William Sterndale Bennett and George Alexander Macfarren, publishing her first song in 1857. In November 1867 she was elected Female Professional Associate of the Royal Philharmonic Society.

Smith wrote her ‘first’ symphony, her symphony in C minor, in 1863 aged 24, and it was performed the same year by the Musical Society of London. In addition to this, Smith’s list of known works includes her symphony in A minor, two large choral works with soloists, four large scale cantatas, as well as an extensive collection of 40 songs.  [adapted from The British Music Collection]

Performance Materials

Performance materials are available from https://www.areditions.com/smith-symphonies-n038.html.


Symphony No. 1 in C minor
Symphony No. 2 in A minor