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Overture to the Midnight Spectacle was composed in 1973 for a composition class at the University of Minnesota, and re-orchestrated in 1978.

The title was inspired by various late-night mystery/horror series shows on television and radio, and the musical mood could be characterized as somewhere between humorous and macabre. It is not intended to be a “serious” work.

Sumervar was written in 1988. The title is a short version of “orchestral variations on the medieval round sumer is icumen in.” The theme, heard in the piccolo, oboe and clarinet, is light-hearted and so too are the variations. There are several references to summer, including a little folk song that I learned as a young piano student. The piece ends with the theme played backwards in canon, accompanied by the strings, which should sound like an audio file in reverse. 

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About the Composer

Carol Barnett (b. 1949) creates audacious and engaging music, both for traditional instrumentation, and for cross-pollinations such as a mass accompanied by a bluegrass band or a duet for steel pan and organ. A force in the Minnesota music scene since 1970, her work has been funded by multiple regional and national organizations, and published through major houses. Carol is a charter member of the American Composers Forum and a graduate of the University of Minnesota. She was composer in residence with the Dale Warland Singers from 1992 to 2001, and taught composition at Augsburg College from 2000 to 2015.

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Overture to the Midnight Spectacle

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Overture to the Midnight Spectacle