About the Piece

Elyse Kahler – Lullaby for Orchestra

Lullaby for Orchestra is arranged from a handbell choir piece (2009). Textural layers build on top of each other to build to a full orchestral moment, like when you’re almost asleep and something startles you awake. The drawing out of the melody at the end of the piece is meant to represent finally falling asleep.


2 flutes

2 oboes

2 clarinets

2 bassoons

4 horns in F

3 trumpets in C

3 trombones



Percussion (3 players)



Click HERE to view a reference score.

About the Composer

Elyse Kahler (b. 1988) is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at Arlington. She holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Texas Tech University, a Master of Arts from the University of North Texas, and a Bachelor of Music in Composition and with All-Level Certification from West Texas A&M University. ​She writes for a variety of ensembles and levels, and has particular interests in fun and engaging music for middle school students and inspiring music for the modern church.

Elyse is a member of the Equinox New Music Collective, a group dedicated to bringing contemporary music to new audiences. Recent projects include a commission from The Lubbock Chorale (Parallax), Height Difference Duo (The Hobbit and the Elf), and Freedom to Be for The Phoenix Project, From the Ashes.

In her spare time, Elyse loves reading, knitting, and playing games (board, card, video) with friends.

Performance Materials

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Listen to a recording of Lullaby for Orchestra by clicking HERE.