About the Piece

Flight to Trebinje for solo violin and string orchestra is modern take on a concerto, inspired by my experiences in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina with Music and More Summerfest. The classical motives and structural elements, representative of the music I performed there, are blended with Eastern European folk music, sacred music, and even techno beats- an homage to the clubs my friends and I frequented after rehearsals. The resulting piece is a microcosm of Trebinje; its combination of history and modernity brings me back. 

Flight to Trebinje will be performed in March 2021 by the Lviv Philharmonic in the finals of the Alfred Schnittke International Composers Competition.

Performance Note:

Although Flight to Trebinje was written with a solo violin part, the violin sections can also be equally divided between the solo, first and second violin parts, if preferred. 

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String Orchestra

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About the Composer

Brooklyn-born composer Molly Frances Arnuk spent her early years as a violist before discovering her love of composing at the young age of 14. She continued on to study privately with composers Ionel Petroi and Dan Bar-Hava, during which time she made her international debut. Her Elegy for Violin and Viola amongst other works were premiered in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Music and More Summerfest, and Flight to Trebinje for solo violin and string orchestra was performed by KLK Strings in Lviv, Ukraine. Currently, Molly Frances is a Big Give Scholar at the Royal College of Music, pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition under the instruction of Haris Kittos. 


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Flight to Trebinje