Anthony R. Green (Photo Credit: Michel Marang)

About the Piece

Instrumentation: Flexible Instrumentation, for 6 voices
Duration: Around 30 minutes

Program Note:
Originally the finale of 3 Vignettes of Job, an evening-length multimedia project centered around the book of Job, Job’s Reflection is a minimalistic, modal fantasy that implies a state of reflection, contemplation, and connection to deeper forces that transcend the shallow elements of the quotidien experience. It was premiered in 2012 in Boulder, CO.

Conductor’s Perspective

A flexible instrumentation work can be performed by string orchestra or mixed chamber ensemble. The range and the individual lines are not too challenging, and the overall style is rather minimalistic and simple straight forward. However, the challenge lines on really blending into the ensemble, listen to how the materials are shared and altered within and beyond each voice, and to present a cohesive presentation of the work as a whole.

This can be used for virtual ensemble presentations or in-person performances. For a virtual presentation, this piece has no meter changes and a metronome click can easily be implemented.

About the Composer

Composer, performer, and social justice artist, Anthony R. Green’s various projects have been presented in over 25 countries at such venues as Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht), StadsSalon (Amsterdam), Symphony Space, Spectrum, and the Marian Anderson Theater (New York), the Shoe Factory (Nicosia), and Spike Gallery (Berlin), among others. Interpreters and collaborators include Julian Otis (voice), Stephen Drury and Dr. Eunmi Ko (piano), Ashleigh Gordon and Wendy Richman (viola), Ensemble Dal Niente, and counter)induction. His practice encompasses a multitude of approaches to creation, interpretation, artistic social justice, and education. Behind all his artistic endeavors are the ideals of equality and freedom.

Performance Materials

Instrumentation: Flexible Instrumentation, for 6 voices
Duration: Around 30 minutes

Score can be purchased by contacting the composer.


Sample Audio Recording: